Neosho Memorial Regional Medical Center | Best Health | Spring 2022

Advanced technology may help prevent more colorectal cancers Neosho Memorial is one of the area’s first hospitals to have this new technology Colonoscopies are one of the few cancer screening methods that can not only detect the disease but help prevent it. Here’s how: A doctor can view the entire colon and rectum during a colonoscopy and remove any polyps, which may become cancerous, during the exam. Now doctors at Neosho Memorial have an even better chance of finding polyps and removing them because of a tool called the GI Genius module. The GI Genius module uses advanced artificial intelligence software to highlight polyps with a visual marker in real time during a colonoscopy. It helps doctors detect polyps of all sizes and shapes by giving them an even clearer view of the colon and rectum. “I think the GI Genius will allow us to provide our patients with the highest quality of care available. By identifying more precancerous polyps, we will be able to prevent colon cancer in more patients,” says Matthew Leroy, MD. He and Charles Van Houden, MD, are general surgeons who perform colonoscopies at Neosho Memorial. When should you be screened? People at average risk for colorectal cancer should first be screened at age 45. Regular screenings should be done through age 75, as long as your life expectancy is more than 10 years. Screening until age 85 should be based on personal preference and risk. People at higher risk for colorectal cancer— such as African Americans or those with a family history of the disease—should be screened earlier than age 45. If you’re at increased risk, your doctor may suggest you get specific types of tests. You also may need to be tested more often. The most important thing is to get it done: The best test for you is the one you’re most likely to do. So talk with your doctor about your risk and the various screenings available. Sources: American Cancer Society; National Cancer Institute Matthew Leroy, MD Charles Van Houden, MD Best Health • Spring 2022 7