Neosho Memorial Regional Medical Center | Best Health | Spring 2022

Page 2 Want a fulfilling career? See our current job openings at about/careers. And look inside to see how an emergency room nurse found his calling. Walking is a great way to exercise because it’s simple to do, and it’s free. “As I tell my patients, walking has many physical and mental health benefits,” says Elizabeth Troilo, MD, of the NMRMC Family Medicine Clinic. “And it’s exercise you can enjoy without a gym.” 3 reasons to get moving 1. Walking is preventive medicine. As an aerobic exercise, walking can increase fitness and circulation. Over time, walking may also help control blood pressure, cholesterol and excess weight while reducing the risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and certain types of cancer. 2. Walking may lift your mood. When you’re moving, your body makes feel-good chemicals (endorphins) that help ease stress. Walking regularly may reduce your risk for depression. 3. Walking is an activity the whole family can enjoy—even with busy schedules. Family walks create opportunities to talk to your kids about their day. Take a walk after dinner or for a few minutes before breakfast. A little time here and there quickly adds up. “Walking just a few minutes at a time can be a good start,” says Matthew Strang, MD, also with the NMRMC Family Medicine Clinic. “Some activity is better than none.” Matthew Strang, MD Elizabeth Troilo, MD Need a checkup? Connect with an NMRMC doctor or provider who provides primary care. You can read their bios at Walk your way to better health 629 S. Plummer Chanute, KS 66720 Standard U.S. Postage PAID Walla Walla, WA Permit No. 44